This vision needs all of us

We are calling on everyone at Redeemer to rise and say "I'm in" to pray, engage, and give as part of a gospel movement for the good of the city. Are you in?

the vision is an entire city

renewed by the gospel

If a critical mass of people from Sugar Land express gospel values–mercy, friendship, justice, hope–in our work, lives, and neighborhoods, we believe it will help the city flourish for everyone in it. We can't reach a tipping point by building a bigger Redeemer. We need a people-driven movement of Sugar Landians in every neighborhood rising to embody the gospel in how we live, work, and serve.



We are calling on everyone at Redeemer to rise and say "I'm in" to pray, engage, and give as part of a gospel movement for the good of the city. Are you in?

We want to create places for meaningful community.

One of the best ways we can love and bless our neighbors is by becoming a physical neighbor ourselves. Renting is impermanent and often makes us invisible to those who live nearby. We want to do more than descend into a neighborhood on Sundays to "use" space. We want to be rooted in the fabric of a neighborhood to share space–and be part of advancing the coming good for generations to come.

We envision a Macek home for our congregation to worship, mark milestones of weddings and funerals, and invite kids of all ages to learn about Jesus. But just as importantly, we envision a place for the city–for serving the poor, for welcoming neighbors into artist events, hosting community gatherings and meetings, and more, so as to physically manifest what it looks like to be a "church not for ourselves."

OUr goals

+Commit to making a real estate strategy part of

Redeemer's long-term vision to serve neighborhoods

and rooted people of Sugar Land for generations to come

+Pursue the building and establishment of a permanent

Macek ministry home that includes a worship space, 

classrooms, and gathering spaces

+Seek to provide a base for Redeemer's long-term

commitment to church planting and leadership training

+Increase neighborhood visibility as a means

to bear gospel witness in tangible ways


$2 Million


+Pray: that all of this will be for God's glory, not ours.

+Give: Consider a one-time offering to the Mission Expansion Campaign. 

This will help pay for the specifics of the project

that we currently need funds for.

+Commit: to a three-year pledge in the Mission Expansion Campaign.

+Invite: friends and neighbors to join us at Redeemer with both

personal invitations (which are the best) and by using social media outlets

to tell people about our church and what God is doing in this community of faith.

5 benefits of a building

  • provide a community asset

    Open our doors as an affordable public utility for multi-purpose use.

  • strengthen relationships

    Become more visible to rooted people of Sugar Land and build relationships with people likewise committed to seeking the long-term good of a particular neighborhood.

  • provide stability

    Renting carries risk–and losing rental space for a church our size would be destabilizing.

  • be a good steward

    Over the long-term, owning is more cost-effective than renting.

  • serve as a ministry launch pad

    We need permanent buildings for training leaders and equipping church planters that will multiply ministry, mercy, and justice citywide.