our mission

Redeemer Youth exists to be a community of faith, provoked by the Redeemer's love, to serve Sugar Land and beyond 

by partnering with families to raise the next generation for a lifetime of

knowing God, experiencing His love, and serving others.

sunday morning schedule

9:00 am - Spiritual Formation class

10:05 am - Worship Service

our commitments

1. Young people in leadership: We empower our young people by sharing leadership with them. We are intentional about entrusting and empowering young people with their own set of "keys". We understand that if we are willing to entrust our keys to young people, they will trust us with their hearts, their energy, and their creativity.

2. Empathize with today's young people: We seek to feel with this generation of young people by walking alongside of them, celebrating their dreams and grieving over their despair. We take their questions and doubts seriously, remembering our own journey of faith, and responding with grace, love, and mission. We listen for and seek to understand their developmental journey toward identity, belonging, and purpose.

3. Take Jesus' message seriously: We pay serious attention to the life and words of Christ, understanding that even in our post-Christian and pluralistic culture, Jesus is still compelling and the vast majority of young people want to talk about him. We know that in order for young people to share their faith today, we must build authentic relationships with them, listen well, and be honest about our own questions and doubts.

4. Fuel a warm community: We recognize that warm is the new cool with today's young people. More than flashy worship, young people want authenticity and connection. Thus, we want to create spaces for young people to be together and nurture relationships. We do this through shared meals, shared worship, shared learning, and shared service in the community. We seek to surround them with supportive, accepting, and authentic community.

5. Prioritize young people everywhere: We acknowledge that we must make young people a priority not just in rhetoric, but also in daily reality. We attempt to emphasize young people in our overall philosophy, worship gatherings, staffing, and budget. This is our tangible, institutional commitment to allocate resources and attention across the life of the congregation. We also seek to involve young people in every one of our ministry teams, as well as every single week in worship, realizing that they are full-fledged members of the church, not just kids to be entertained.

6. Be the best neighbors: Being the best neighbors means we want to reflect mercy toward the people outside our walls by adhering to the example set by Jesus in Matthew 22:34-40 and Luke 10:25-37. We strive to be the best neighbors both locally and globally. We seek to honor what's good, make the world better, and respect the journey as much as the destination.

FALL schedule

  • Weekly Spiritual Formation: Spiritual Formation classes begin September 17th at 9:00am and go through December 10th, taking off a Sunday for Thanksgiving. We will be going through the curriculum A Gospel Project over a period of 3 years, covering Genesis through Revelation, seeing how each story and character points to Jesus.

  • Weekly Ministry Team: We invite all youth to participate in a ministry team of their choice each Sunday. These include setting up the communion table, serving as greeters by the front doors, helping set up chairs for worship, and using their musical gifts during worship.

  • Quarterly Mission Projects: We have two mission projects lined up this Fall. We will give out more information as details are finalized.

  • Quarterly Social Events: We are going out twice this Fall as a group. More details forthcoming. Contact a pastor or youth leader for more information.

  • Semesterly RUF: We will be visiting Rice University to gather with the school's Reformed University Fellowship for their large group worship gathering. More details forthcoming.